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You're already doing great in your market, now it's time to enter the most profitable European market.

🤨 “Why would I care about the DACH Market?”

The short answer is 💰.

Here's a more detailed answer: The DACH region has a combined population of just over 100 million people, with many shared traits in terms of culture, history, and lifestyle.

Germany is, by far, the largest of the three countries, with around 83 million people, while Austria and Switzerland have around nine million inhabitants each – German is the most common language in all three countries.

According to Statista, leading German statistical data provider, the DACH region is a fast growing market with a lot of potential – especially for SaaS companies:

  • Revenue in the SaaS industry is projected to reach 12.5€ billion by 2025 in Germany alone, which accounts for around 20% of total SaaS sales in Europe.
  • The revenue is expected to grow by approximately 10.5% per year on average in the DACH region.
  • Average spend per employee is expected to increase from 191€ (2021) to 310€ (2026).
  • Most Germans have knowledge of the English language (64%) but most still search for solutions in their native language.
  • Most businesses in Germany (2.1 million) are small businesses that would benefit massively from efficient SaaS solutions.
  • Employees in the DACH region said that cloud based software is most relevant and helpful in their daily work.

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Here's how I'd help you conquer the DACH market:

🎥 Create a Webinar that Highlights your Solution

I get it: Entering a new market can seem daunting.

Instead of going straight to localizing the entire website and starting to translate all the marketing material, it's a good idea to test the waters first – a webinar can be the perfect test balloon for dipping your toes into the DACH market.

I'll help you prepare (and record) your pitch and solutions for German-speaking customers and present them in a way that aligns with your brand identity.

After we're done, you'll have your first high-quality marketing material that you can actively use to attract your first customers from the DACH region.

🔥 Create Optimized Content for your DACH Customers

Content marketing is one of the best ways to attract the attention of potential customers.

I'll help you create new articles, white papers and case studies or translate already existing marketing material into German – all while maintaining the tone of voice of your brand.

In addition, I'll conduct keyword research to ensure that your marketing budget has the greatest possible impact and reaches exactly the people who will benefit from your software or service.

And as soon as you're ready to take the next step, I'll support you with the localization of your website and backend.

👋 A Few Words About Me

When I say I have a passion for online marketing (especially SEO & content marketing), it's not just empty blah blah. Here are a few of my “accomplishments”:

9 years of content marketing and SEO experience

✔ 5 years experience at a leading B2B e-commerce company as content strategist

Grew a blog to approx. 440k visitors per month (and 21k email subscribers); sold after 2 years

✔ Social media expertise: Grew a Pinterest account to more than 53k subscribers, 6244 followers on Instagram after 2 weeks

✔ Premium newsletter launched (306 paying subscribers within 11 days)

✔ Experience as a webinar speaker – among others at the Digital Marketing Summit by acquisa in front of 1000 attendees

❤️ Results & Testimonials

Dan gave me really good SEO tips and very detailed advice. I can only recommend his service.

– Johanna Sittel

Daniel gave us a few great actionable strategies which will help us generate more (organic) attention for our products.

– Paul S.

Great advice, tailored exactly to my professional needs. Thank you, gladly again.

– Naima Rüt

Good consulting in the field of influencer marketing. Easy to understand examples and very helpful. Thank you again!

– Tanja Kramer

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